In recent months or days you have been placed in a period of time in your life that caused you grief and sorrow in the loss of someone you loved.

The members of the Widowed Persons Service of Tarrant County extend a hand to you and welcome you into our lives.

You are welcomed to view the pages of this web site. We extend an invitation to join in our activities. We believe you will find comfort in the knowledge that everyone you meet in the coming months and years through our activities has experienced the same cloudy days but you can be reassured there are sunny days ahead.

After viewing these pages ask the office to send you one of our monthly newsletters. You will be glad you did.

Once again, we welcome you to review our web site, become a member and get involved. There are no fees or dues.

President's Message

May 2016 

Hello again, my dear Friends and WPS Family. WPS and our membership is growing.  That is a good thing because we are reaching more Widows and Widowers who are going through this Grief Journey and discovering there IS a place to receive help from others who are on this same journey or have travelled it.  We are united by a bond that was forced upon us.  This bond can make us stronger when we share ourselves through our Grief Support sessions and our safe social activities.

The DFW metroplex has many “Singles” groups. WPS is NOT one of them. Our mission is very different than theirs.  We are focused on helping men and women adjust to the death of a spouse.  Our Grief Support Sessions are the essential core of our service.  Every one of us shares a very special life chang-ing experience. We are learning to live our new lives without our spouse.

The “Singles” groups although provid-ing a service for some, have a completely differ-ent focus and purpose.  It saddens me to think that any widow or widower would miss out on the benefits of WPS because of incorrect beliefs about our organization.

Yes, we do sponsor social activities as mentioned in your Newsletter but the emphasis on these activities is to provide a secure, stress-free environment as our members rebuild their lives.  We are not involved in “pairing” up indi-viduals with a new life partner.  We are not in the “Match Making Business” nor are we a “Dating Service”.  We encourage a broad base of supportive friends among our membership.
Periodically the above message needs to be addressed in our Newsletter (the last time was in 2004) to encourage our newly widowed that our hand is out there to welcome them and help them to go forward.  Those of us who have worked through our grief and found there is a future, are the ones who must meet others in the valley of darkness and bring them into the light.

FYI, we are enclosing a flyer called “A Matter of Balance”.

The birth-flower for the month of May is “The Lily of the Valley”.  The fragrant Lily of the Valley signifies sweetness, humility, and a return to happiness.  The birthstone is the “Emerald”.  It was Cleopatra’s favorite gem.  It is thought that Emeralds signify wisdom, growth and patience.

WPS Hugs to you and all of our May Birthdays.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Ruth Turner